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Byzance is a Prague based company that was founded in 2014 by Senior EX-Engineers from industry, with one simple idea. “Allow anyone build advanced and industrial quality IoT extremely fast, cheaply and effectively from prototype to mass production." The Internet of Things is a huge barrier that is extremely difficult to overcome and make ideas real and get them to market. Now after 3 years of development in our R&D center we are ready. Ready to show our unique operating system with a set of full-stack tools platform to evolve industrial environment as Android did with mobile devices. We bring a similar hi-tech revolution to the industry like Apple brought to people and we provide this to everyone with desire to make Earth a better place. (or to make some bucks)

Byzance Press Product

Byzance is creating a IoT solution that is affordable for any SMB, to let them build easily, effectively and in a modern way with short time-to-market and low budget. Open solution, support for IoT community and allow to integrate 3rd parties solutions. This team has developed products BYZANCE BLOCKO, CODE, GRID, CLOUD & HARDWARE that covers entire IoT ecosystem, from HW, OS, and writing code to HW, making logic and creating apps. All together with global infrastructure that is easy to scale.
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BYZANCE IT Solutions s.r.o.
Růžová 17, 120 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic


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