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Manufacturer of smart boilers

... 20.000 devices on Market
Service type
10.000 devices on Premis Server
10.000 devices on Byzance Cloud
Up to 40.000 Connected Mob. Apps
Worldwide infrastructure
 - 12 servers around the world
Dev tools for Unlimited Developers
Management tools for Unlimited Pers.
Legislative fulfillment of GDPR
Uptime SLAs
Enterprise support
Unit Price
0.25 €
0.39 €
1500 €
2500 €
3900 €
1000 €
1500 €
8900 € / month
The German manufacturing company for the production and service of boilers has its own servers in Frankfurt. Almost half of all products are sold in Germany. But the company also exports its products abroad. The main target markets include Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, the United States, Canada and the countries of the European Union. The rest of the world are supported by Byzance Cloud services. More than 27 Data Centers around the world and a unique autodeploy infrastructure that adapts to where IoT is located helps save costs. All the operation of the products takes care of only one person. And 8.900 € are total costs for running and managing all IoT devices and everything around what the company has.
Byzance Individual
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Frequently asked questions

Can I try Byzance for free?
Sure, we offer all tools for free with all pro functions. We support community developers with free space up to 10 devices you don't need to provide credit card when singing up. Unforunately you might need some Hardwarehardware.
Is there any on premise solution?
Absolutely, our solution is made for industry and corporate clients so we made our tools with this feature in mind. Start your own local or cloud server, but you might want to start with our cloud.
Is Hardware required?
No and Yes at the same time. When you want to try only the platform with demo data you don't need it, but to try full system you should buy one.
How can I control expenses?
Completely, we know that finances are breaking point of projects. So you have a complete overview of your expenses.
Is really everything unlimited?
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Billing is made monthly or annualy?
Pick what suits you best.
How many Hardware can I connect?
We don't give you any restrictions. Hardware is dependant on the server and you can run thousands or even millions of hardware instalation
Can I monetize my solution?
YES! That's why we started Byzance, to help other companies run IoT solution that can be monetized to other parties or customers. If you want help with the idea how, contact us :)


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